-86°C ULT Freezer Upright LUF-86-106

Labocon -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Upright LUF-86-100 Series ensures safe long-term storage of samples at -86°C with 1°C temperature precision. It offers reliable operation with capacities ranging from 100L to 828L, user-friendly microprocessor controller with digital display.
Capacity 678 L
Temp. Range -10°C to -86°C
Defrosting Manual
No. of inner chambers/Shelves/Inner Doors (Standard Configuration) 4/2/4
No. of inner chambers/Shelves/Inner Doors (Optional Configuration) 5&6/4/4
No. Of Cryo boxes For Freezer 500
Total Nos of Cryo vials- 2 ml cap.  40500/50000
Inner Dimension 815x667x1200 mm
Overall Dimension 1150x2050x1009 mm
Power -
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 400/420 kg
Catalog No. 9428106343
Labocon -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Upright LUF-86-100 Series is widely used in hospitals, clinics, blood banks and research institutes for incubation or preservation of plasma, tissue cultures, microbial cultures etc.

• SS304 Grade Stainless steel interior and painted steel board exterior 130mm thick Painted steel

• Front lockable door design with full height handle and vacuum release port

• Two-times foaming technology with double silicon gasket seal

• Adjustable stainless steel shelves, 4 units Heavy-duty lockable casters with adjustable feet for easy handling

• Insulation material and its thickness: High density Polyurethane foam with thickness of 155mm or 6.1 inch

• Low-noise compressor within 58-60dB, heavy-duty & commercially-available in market.

• Digital temperature display and Microprocessor-based temperature controller.

• Hermetically-sealed cascade cooling system in parallel connection to reduce noise and improve the cooling rate

• Pull down time to -80° C Temperature: 5.5 hrs. or lesser.

• Unique refrigeration circulation and unipolar compressor oil-lubricated technology

• Mixed Refrigerant: CFC Free R134a, R404a, R23, R410A, N2 for best in in class temperature stability and uniformity across the chamber

• In built Temperature printer which record 7 days data

• USB port compatible with capacity of USB DRIVE of 16GB/32GB/128GB

• 72 hours battery backup for printer and controller display. EBM fan electromotor.

• Power consumption: Less than 7-11 kWh/day

• Keyboard lock and password protected configuration page

• Display and controller: 7 Inch Touchscreen Digital display and controller

• No. of Ports for access : 2 in no.- 20 mm

• Safety functions: audible and visual alarm for high or low temperature, power failure, low battery, door open, filter blocking, system failure, Built in Diagnostic Software system with alarm function to provide fault codes to trace and solve system errors. In built Air Filter block alarms and cleaning indicator which indicates the time to clean the air filter

• Optional: Chart recorder, CO2 back up system, storage racks/boxes, remote alarm system

• Chart recorder

• CO2 back up system

• Storage racks/boxes

• Basket

• Remote alarm system