3-D Gyratory Rockers LGR-102

Labocon 3-D Gyratory Rockers LGR-100 Seriesutilizes a gentler 3D gyratory action where the platform moves in a three dimensional motion about the central point. With a large platform, the rockers can accommodate large vessels such as culture flasks, petri dishes etc. The non-slip matt on the tray preventsthe vessels slipping away during agitation.They are suitable for low foaming agitating and widely used in DNA extractions, staining and de-staining procedures.

Temp. Range 5-40°C
Shaking Motion 3-D Gyratory
Shaking Speed Range 10-70 rpm
Humidity 80 %RH
Tilt Angle
Timer Range 1-1199 min
Operation Continuous/Timed
Display LCD
Max. Load Capacity 5 kg
Overall Dimension 430×360×106 mm
Power 40 W
Power Supply 240V, 60Hz
Weight 9 kg
Catalog No. 9173159163

Labocon 3-D Gyratory Rockers is suitable for rocking and mixing applications like gel staining and de-staining, hybridization experiments, immune precipitation and western blots, etc.




Universal attachment with 4 horizontal bars (Universal Platform)


Universal attachment with 4 vertical bars (Universal Platform)


Tissue Culture Flask platform, with anti-slip surface (Flat Platform)


Fixing Clip Platform (Flat Platform)


25ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


50ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


100ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


200/250ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


500ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


• Smooth 3D gyratory motion

• LCD digital display for speed and timer function

• Continuous or timed operation

• Simultaneous display of speed and time

• Brushless DC motor that provides maintenance-free, reliable and quiet operation

• Universal platform with anti-slip mat prevents slipping

• Accommodate a variety of platforms, non-slip rubber mat, conical flasks and other sample containers