Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LAAS-205

Labocon Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LAAS-200 Series are single beam spectrophotometers designed for determining the concentration of different elements within a sample.

These systems offer superior base line stability of 0.004A/30min with advance optical system to ensure simple and reliable solution for trace elemental analysis.

Wavelength Range 190-900 nm
Wavelength Accuracy Better than ±0.25 nm
Spectral Bandwidth 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.2 nm
Resolution Less than 30%
Baseline Stability 0.004A/30min
Flame Temperature 2300-2950°C
Grating 1800 lines/mm
Focal Length 277 mm
Blazed Wavelength 250 nm
Concentration and Detection Limit Cu: Characteristic concentration≤0.025mg/L Detection limit≤0.006mg/L; Ba: Characteristic concentration ≤ 0.22mg/L; Al: Characteristic concentration ≤ 0.4mg/L;
Graphite Furnace Temp. Range RT-3000°C
Graphite Furnace Heating Rate 2000°C/s
Graphite Furnace Tube Dimensions 28x8 mm
Graphite Furnace Character Mass Cd≤0.5 ×10-12g, Cu≤5 ×10-12g, Mo≤1×10-11g
Graphite Furnace Precision Cd≤3%, Cu≤3%, Mo≤4%
Graphite Furnace Overall Dimension 420x420x460 mm
Autosampler Overall Dimension None
Graphite Furnace Weight (Net/Gross) 50 kg
Autosampler Weight (Net/Gross) None
Overall Dimension 1020x490x540 mm
Weight 80 kg
Catalog No. 9523133442

Labocon Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer LAAS 200 series is widely used in analytical chemistry protocols, applications such as food and drug safety, clinical diagnostics, petrochemical, agricultural, environmental monitoring.

• Gas Control

  1. Software controlled quick gas conversion and safety protection device used to analyse airacetylene flame and nitrous oxide-acetylene flame

• Spray Chamber Metal Glass Spray

  1. Burner Corrosion resistant titanium burners available for both air/acetylene and nitrous-oxide/ acetylene

• Safety System

  1. Safety interlock mechanism that monitors the burner type, burner fitted, gas pressures. Flame on/off sensors; Power failure automatic shutdown. Liquid trap system, pressure relief plug and flame shield to protect from UV radiation

• Czerny-Turner grating monochromator

• Anti-corrosive plastic sprayed chamber

• 10cm single slot all-titanium burner

• Highly efficient metal sleeve glass nebulizer with sucking up rate: 6-7ml/min

• R928 Photomultiplier detector with high sensitivity and wide spectral range

• Hydride analysis through Hydride vapor generator

• Advance and reliable electronic design

• Adopting large-scale programmable logic array and Inter I2C bus technology

• European type sockets and AMP adapters with high reliability to ensure long term reliability of the whole electronic system

• Sequential measurement for multi-element determination in one sample

• Auto-correction of sensitivity

• Easy to use AAS analysis software under Windows operating system

• Adopts oxygen rich air-acetylene flame analysis technique

• Flame atomization system with flame emission burner

• Accurate fully automated control system with wavelength scanning, spectral bandwidth change

• Fully automatic graphite furnace analysis

• FUZZY-PID and dual curve mode temperature control technique

• Auto-correction of temperature ensure rapid heating with good temperature reproducibility and high sensitivity

• Automatic adjustment of lamp current and optimization of light beam position

• 4-lamp and 6-lamp turret

• Auto-correction of sensitivity, automatic curve fitting and sample dilution

• Automatic calculation of concentration and content

• RS232 interface