Blood Centrifuge LBC-101

Labocon Blood Centrifuge LBC-100 Series helps in the separation of whole blood into its various components. Its variable features make it suitable for different type of fluid preparation in laboratories and for carrying out various clinical tests.

Type Cell Smear Centrifuge
Max. Speed (RPM) 3000
Max. RCF ( x g) 2300
Max. Capacity 12*0.5 ml
Ambient Temperature 15ᵒC
Temperature Range N/A
Temperature Accuracy N/A
Cooling time from start up N/A
Speed Accuracy ±30 rpm
Speed Control 0-4000rpm
Set Speed (increments) 50
Timer range 0-99 mins
Set Time (increments) 1 s
Control System Microprocessor
Program Memory 1
Display LCD
Motor (DC/ Brushless) DC Motor Direct Drive
Acceleration/ Deacceleration Rate 9 grade
Noise Level ≤50dB
Rotor Material PP
Power Supply AC 220V & 110V 50 & 60Hz
Power Consumption 75 W
Gross Weight 32kg
Net Weight 20kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) Exterior 275*390*300 mm
Packing Dimensions (W x D x H) 545*415*320 mm

• Labocon Blood Centrifuge LBC-100 Series can be used for blood grouping tests, red blood cell washing (easy tube washing) and micro column gel tests.

• It is suitable for different types of fluid preparation in biology, chemistry, radiology and immunology labs.

• It also can be used for sample preparation and purification of various pharmaceutical and biological products.


No. of tubes x Volume


RCF(x g)

Angle Rotor


6 x 0.5ml




12 x 0.5ml




• It is directly controlled by large torque driven DC motor with a speed range of 100-4000 rpm.

• It is Microprocessor controlled and has a simple operation.

• It has over speed and imbalance protection, also a door cover which ensures the safe operation of the instrument.