Deionized Pure Water Purification System Model Ultra-I

Output of Pure Water 2:RO water, Deionized Water
Output (25°C) 15 L/hr (plus model: 30 L/hr)
Deionized water resistivity 13-17.5 MΩ-cm
RO Water (TDS) 5-10 ppm
Instantaneous Output 1.8 L/hr (with pressure tank)
Flow Procedure PF+KDF+AC+RO+AC+DI
TOC 30 ppb
Bacteria <1 CFU/ml (Only for UT model)
Particle (>0.1μm) (>0.22 μm)<1/ml (Only for UT model)
Heavy Metal Ion <0.1 ppb
Dimension 50x36x54 cm
Power Supply 110-220V 50/60 Hz
Weight 20-30 Kg
Catalog No. 461120248

Agricultural experiments, General biological experiments, Aquatic products feeding, Inlet water for Ultra pure water machine, Inlet water for sterilizer/T&H chamber, Buffer disposing, Aseptic drinking water, Physical and chemical analysis, Fine chemistry industry, Inlet water for Ultra pure water machine, GC/HPLC, Pharmacy research, Medicine examining, Laboratory glassware washing, etc.

• Automatic microcomputer controlling, multi-menu operating

• Mode display- Power on, program, inlet rinse, producing, full, circle, regular outlet, disinfection, consumables replacing remind

• Safety- Low pressure and full water alarm, password, auto-reset, outlet forbidden when alarm or disinfection

• System monitor- Monitoring quality of inlet water, RO water and ultrapure water, temperature, used and left time of consumables

• Automatically RO membrane flushing function

• Large apheliotropic LCD display

• Manual & Auto recirculation system in one body-free switch

• Sanitized Ultra pure water pipeline

• Different water tanks to meet every need/assure ample water-supply

• Pipeline with NSF authorization to assure high quality ultrapure water

• New easy-inserting adaptor to make convenience of cartridge maintaining/ replacing

• Ultra long-life pretreatment-cartridge, 6-8 times of normal active carbon (expect PP filter)

• UV module: Double wavelength (185nm&254nm) UV lamp, restraining bacteria´s increase, reducing TOC and enhancing the applicability

• UF module: effectively eliminating endotoxin, can be used for precise cell cultivating and IVF

• Terminal filtration: high-speed and large flux (0.45+0.2) µm polyether alternative compound filter terminal disinfection filter, assuring the quality absolutely axenic

• Quality monitor- 3-way on-line sensor: detecting the quality of inlet, RO outlet & ultrapure water respectively

• Audio/Visual alarm- Multiple alarm-including inlet water over standard, no water, full water, outlet water over standard, Consumables´ life-span ends, malfunction auto-detect, guaranteeing safety

• Password protection

• Consumable-replacing reminder