Diaphragm Vacuum Pump LDVP-103

Labocon Diaphragm Vacuum Pump LDVP-100 Seriesis designed to deliver uncontaminated air, gases or vapours. They can operate independently or as part of a modular system and require minimal maintenance.They are suitable for producing completely oil-free compressed air and vacuum production without environmental contamination through oil mist.

Pumping Speed 20 L/min
Pressure -
Ultimate Pressure ≥0.095 Mpa
Vacuum 50 mbar
Inlet and Outlet φ6 mm, Silencer
Temp. of Body <55°C
Ambient Temp. 7-40°C
Pump Head 2
Function -
Noise Level <50 dB(A)
Dimension 300x120x235 mm
Power 160 W
Power Supply 220 V, 60 Hz
Weight 10 kg
Catalog No. 9204103128

Labocon Diaphragm Vacuum Pump isused in vacuum absorption, filtration unit and vacuum distillation, vacuum drying to extract and transfer gases.

• Eco-friendly oil-free displacement pumping

• Design can be regulated by pressure to meet the vacuum or steady air stream within certain range

• Easy to move and smooth operation guarantees ideal vacuum and high rate of flow of air stream

• Filtering system in the air exchange bin guarantees clean air

• Self-cooling air draft system enables the machine to run continuously for 24 hours

• High quality classical axletree design enables steady running with low noise and high operating efficiency

• Frictionless operating systemproducing no calories and having no friction exhausts

• Nitrile rubber diaphragm resists most of the organic solvent and has long operating life