Dry Bath Incubator LDBI-105

Labocon Dry Bath Incubator LDBI-100 Series is designed for applications that require precise temperature control and stability.They provide safe, compact, dry heat for a wide variety of clinical and general chemistry applications. The microprocessor controlled device is specially designed to accommodate a variety of interchangeable heating block modules, PCR tubes, microplates, etc., which ensures uniform heat transfer.

Temp. Range -10-100°C
Max Temp. 100°C
Temp. Accuracy ≤±0.5°C
Temp. Fluctuation ±0.3°C
Temp. Uniformity ±0.3°C
Temp. Resolution 0.1°C
Time for Heating ≤15min (20°C to 100°C)
Time for Cooling ≤20min (RT to RT-25°C; if RT is lower 30°C), ≤30min (RT to RT-30°C; if RT is lower 25°C)
Timer Range 99h 59min
Display LCD
Blocks 1
Dimension 270x190x170 mm
Power 150 W
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
Weight 2.2 kg
Catalog No. 9341227344

Labocon Dry Bath Incubator is suitable for a variety of applications including sample cultivation, preservation and reaction, DNA amplification, restriction digestion Pre degeneration of electrophoresis and solidification, coagulation studies, in situ hybridization, etc. in pharmaceutical, chemical, food safety, environment and quality inspection.




96 x 0.2mlPCR plate


54 x 0.5ml


35 x 1.5ml


35 x 2.0ml


15 x 0.5ml + 20 x 1.5ml


24 x diameter ≤ φ12mm tubes


32 x 0.2ml + 25 x 1.5ml


32 x 0.2ml + 10 x 0.5ml + 15 x 1.5ml


103 x 67 x 30 (Bath Block)


96 x 0.2ml Micro-plate


• Compact design with stable operation

• Microprocessor controlled incubation temperature and time

• Simultaneous display of set temperature and time

• Built in temperature calibration function

• Rapid heat up, uniform heating, high stability, low energy consumption and noise

• Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function

• Audio alarm indicates program completion

• Aluminium blocks ensures even heat distribution, eliminating the possibility of heater burn-out

• Easy cleaning, replacement and disinfection of metal blocks

• Over temperature protection device

• Custom blocks available to meet experimental requirement