Dual Temperature Refrigerator Freezer LDTRF-201

Labocon Dual Temperature Refrigerator Freezer LDTRF-200 Series provides two separate environments for storing products and samples. Our dual-temperature refrigerator and freezer combination offers temperature security solutions while meeting your application storage needs.
Total Capacity 370 L
Refrigerator Capacity 277 L
Freezer Capacity 93 L
Refrigerator Inner Temperature 2°C to 11°C
Freezer Inner Temperature -16°C to -26° C
Refrigerator Shelves/Drawers 4 shelves/ 2 baskets
Freezer Shelves/Drawers 3 baskets
Shelf/Drawer Dimension (W×D) -
Shelf/Drawer loading Capacity -
Refrigerator Inner Dimension (WxDxH) 515x485x1080 mm
Freezer Inner Dimension (WxDxH) 460x390x600 mm
Overall Dimension (WxDxH) 600x630x2010 mm
Noise -
Power 163 W
Power Supply 220V-230V /50Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 110/130 kg
Catalog No. 9182210181
Labocon Dual Temperature Refrigerator Freezer LDTRF-200 Series is specialized refrigerating equipment for blood storage, cold storage of pharmaceutical and widely used in hospitals, blood banks and anti epidemic stations.

• Sheet steel epoxy coated white colour (rust proof material) exterior andnon-toxic plastic material for interior

• Internal corners are rounded for easy cleaning and internal bottom is tray type to contain spills

• High density polyurethane insulation

• Insulation thickness: 45 mm in refrigerator compartment and 80 mm in freezer

• Hinged door made ofsheet steel epoxy coated white colouroutside andnon-toxic plastic material for inside.

• The door is provided with a removable magnetic rubber gasket and flush-fitting handle.

• Internal side of the refrigerator door provided with balconies

• Shelves made up of tempered glass and basket made in transparent non-toxic plastic material

• Control panel: LCD display and 2 sets of touch-pads switch for the control of freezer and refrigerator independently. The main functions of the control panel are :

  1. Muting facilities for the acoustic alarms
  1. Internal ventilation setting
  1. Real-time graphical temperature chart

• Cooling unit: Condensing unit compounded by a hermetic compressor and a finned air cooled condenser

• Refrigeration: Forced-air circulation

• Refrigerant: HCFC-and CFC-freeR600a

• Defrosting: Completely automatic, thermostat controlled

• Safety functions: Visual and acoustic alarm for high and low temperature, door ajar, power failure, battery discharged, condenser dirty, anti-freezing evaporator, sensors failure