Dual Temperature Refrigerator Freezer LDTRF-302

Labocon Dual Temperature Refrigerator Freezer LDTRF -300 Series provides two separate environments for storing products and samples. Our dual-temperature refrigerator and freezer combination offers temperature security solutions while meeting your application storage needs.
Total Capacity 530 L
Refrigerator Capacity 255L
Freezer Capacity 255L
Refrigerator Inner Temperature 0° to 15° C
Freezer Inner Temperature - 5° to -20° C
Refrigerator Shelves/Drawers 2 shelves
Freezer Shelves/Drawers 2 shelves
Shelf/Drawer Dimension (W×D) 530 x 550 mm
Shelf/Drawer loading Capacity 35 kg
Refrigerator Inner Dimension (WxDxH) 530x550x520 mm
Freezer Inner Dimension (WxDxH) 530x550x520 mm
Overall Dimension (WxDxH) 750 x 740x 2120mm
Noise ≤ 52 dB
Power 310 W/310 W
Power Supply 220-230V /50Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) 180/200 kg
Catalog No. 9182213181
Labocon Dual Temperature Refrigerator Freezer LDTRF-300 Series is specialized refrigerating equipment for blood storage, cold storage of pharmaceutical and widely used in hospitals, blood banks and anti epidemic stations.

• Sheet steel epoxy coated white colour (rust proof material) exterior andnon-toxic plastic interior (for LDTRF-301 and 302) and Stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 exterior and interior (for LDTRF-303, 304,305 and 306).

• Internal corners are rounded for easy cleaning and internal bottom is tray type to contain spills

• High density polyurethane insulation

• Insulation thickness: 50-75 mm

• Hinged glass door is provided with a removable magnetic rubber gasket. The handle is flush-fitting type which avoids increase in size of refrigerator. Equipped with a spring loaded automatic closing devise with a special door switch that stops the internal ventilation at door opening limiting the air cold loss

• Open wire shelf made of sheet steel with a strong plastic coating

• Control panel: Microprocessor operating with soft-touchpads and LCD display. The main functions of the control panel are :

  1. Digital temperature display with an accuracy of 0.5°C
  1. Keyboard password protected with automatic locking
  1. Back-up battery with automatic recharging
  1. Muting facilities for the acoustic alarms
  1. Alarms memory which cannot be deleted for the last 30 alarm conditions
  1. Events memory with the possibility of checking from the display, defrosting, door openings, relays status, etc
  1. Internal ventilation setting
  1. Icon based menu
  1. Real-time graphical temperature chart
  1. Data-logging function through USB port with direct download of Excel file
  1. GSM/GPRS telephone dialer

• Cooling unit: Condensing unit compounded by 1 hermetic compressor and a finned air cooled condenser

• Refrigeration: Forced-air circulation

• Refrigerant: CFC-free R404a.

• Defrosting: Completely automatic, thermostat controlled

• Safety functions: Visual and acoustic alarm for high and low temperature, door ajar, power failure, battery discharged, condenser dirty, anti-freezing evaporator and sensors failure

• Extra wire shelf

• Stainless steel drawer

• Plastic partitions for drawers

• Front top for drawers

• Kit of rollers

• Safety door lock with key

• Temperature chart recorder

• Electronic temperature printer

• Data logger function with USB port

• Ballasted sensor for simulation of product temperature alarm

• Cable port with cover

• Different voltage