Flake Ice Maker LFIM-104

Labocon Flake Ice Maker LFIM-100 Series is a compact machine with ice making capacity from 20kg/24h up to 150 kg/24h. The high quality stainless steel body ensures durability. It offers an increased efficiency up to 40% with energy saving up to 35%. Rapid flake shape ice production and inbuilt storage bin provides maximum performance under continuous operating condition.

Capacity 100 kg/24 h
Storage Bin Capacity 14 kg
Ambient Temp Range 10°C-35°C
Inlet Water Temp ±15°C
Condenser Type Air cooled
Refrigerant R134a/190 g
Overall Dimension 615×670×920mm
Power 800 W
Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Weight (Net/Gross) (kg) 61/68 kg
Catalog No. 9342115324

Labocon Flake Ice Maker is widely used for biological, food preservation, biochemical and enzymatic studies in research and medical labs, health care facilities, food and beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, etc.

• Compact construction with high aesthetic apperance

• Fully automatic operation system

• Air cooling, side ventilation system

• High efficiency economical CFC free compressor with low energy consumption system

• Over loading protection system, water shortage auto-detecting system

Ice Production Factor:

• At 21 °C Ambient Temperature and 15 °C Inlet Water : Production Capacity would be 90% of actual capacity

• At 32 °C Ambient Temperature and 21 °C Inlet Water : Production Capacity would be 70% of actual capacity

• At 35°C Ambient Temperature and 28°C Inlet Water : Production Capacity would be 60% of actual capacity