Floor Type Low Speed Centrifuge LFLC-103

Labocon Floor Type Low Speed Centrifuge LFLC-100 Series performs a wide range of separations, offering comprehensive control and set-up options to meet your precise application needs. They have been designed with outstanding product quality. Each centrifuge operates at low noise levels and offers soft-touch lid closure for easy loading and unloading of samples.

Max. Speed (RPM) 6000
Max. RCF ( x g) 5120
Max. Capacity 4*750ml
Speed Accuracy ±20 rpm
Speed Control 0-6000
Set Speed (increments) 50 rpm
Timer range 0-99mins
Set Time 1 sec
Control System Microprocessor
Program Memory 9
Display LCD Touch Display
Motor (DC/ Brushless) AC Frequency Motor
Acceleration/ Deacceleration Rate 9 Grade
Noise Level ≤65 dB
Rotor Material Aluminium Alloy
Power Supply AC 220V & 110V 50-60Hz 30A
Power Consumption 1200 W
Gross Weight 160 kg
Net Weight 120 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) Exterior 800*600*820 mm
Packing Dimensions (W x D x H) 1000*1000*770 mm

• Labocon Floor Type Low Speed Centrifuge delivers efficient sample processing in clinical protocols, cell culture applications, microplate processing and a variety of separation needs.

• It is also widely used in the field of blood station, pharmaceutical factory, biochemistry, biological products, etc.

Model No. of tubes x Volume RPM RCF(x g)
Angle Rotor
AR-1 12 x 10/15ml 6000 4390
Swing Rotor
SR-1 4 x 750ml 4000 3500
SR-2 6 x 500ml 4000 4390
SR-3 4 x 500ml (Blood bag) 4000 3940
SR-4 6 x 500ml 4000 3330
SR-5 4 x 250ml 4000 3600
SR-6 8 x 100ml 4000 3360
SR-7 4 x 100ml 4000 2810
SR-8 8 x 50ml 4000 2810
SR-9 32 x 15/10ml 4000 2810
SR-10 16 x 15ml 4000 2810
SR-11 148 x 7ml 4000 3000
SR-12 72 x 5ml 4000 2810
Swing Microplate Rotor
SMR-1 2 x 2 x 96 holes 4000 2300


• It is a highly accurate Stainless Steel structure.

• It is controlled by microprocessor.

• LCD display which shows Speed, RCF and Time.

• Adapter with a double unique design to avoid caps dropping when the device is running.

• It is suitable for every capacity of evacuated blood tube.

• Centrifuge with low noise, high capacity.

• Built-in electronic door lock.

• Protection from imbalance and over speed.