Gel Documentation System LGD-105

Labocon brings to you high quality, dedicated and professional bioimaging systems with its Gel Documentation System LGD-100 Series. Our systems offer high resolution, unrivalled definition and exclusive quality optics ensuring superior sensitivity perfect for quantification analysis. The newly simplified user-friendly interface features powerful image capturing, editing and analysis functions with speed and accuracy.

Excitation Source Ultraviolet Light & White light
Transmitting Wavelength 312 nm
CCD Resolution 1360x1024 pixel
Pixel Density 12-bit
Noise 70 dB
Dimension (LxWxH) 540x410x490 mm
Weight (kg) 30
Power Supply 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Catalog No. 9401108121

Labocon Gel Documentation and Analysis System LGD-100 Series are used in molecular biology laboratories to detect DNA/RNA/Protein Gel, Blotting Membranes, Auto-Radiography Films, ELISA Plate, Thin Layer Chromatography Plate and Advanced Chemiluminescence/Fluorescence Applications.

• Automatic control of the system through computer

• High quality and sensitive CCD camera

• Darkroom includes enclosed camera with UV safety shutoff and is dust and shock-free

• F 1.0 6x motorized zoom lens with high light transmission efficiency

• Automatic control panel for zoom, focus, iris and illuminator

• Standard F590 filter with coating used with easy to change facility

• Built in LCD panel

• PC interface with USB port

• Ultraviolet light used as an excitation source with a standard LED white light

• Easily sliding UV Transilluminator

• BioSens Gel Imaging System with database, analysis function, image capturing and editing

• Optional Epi-UV of 254 nm/312 nm/365 nm