High Temperature Circulator LHCB-101

High Temperature Circulator LHCB-100 Series from Labocon is ideal for applications where precise and constant temperature and auxiliary heating is critical. It is equipped with circulating pump to provide excellent temperature uniformity and control.

Capacity 5 Litres
Temp. Range RT+5°C to 95°C
Temp. Stability ±0.2°C
Pump Flow Rate 6 L/min
Top Opening 130x130 mm
Inner Dimension 240x140x150 mm
Overall Dimension 390x350x520 mm
Weight 9 kg
Catalog No. 9501391471

Labocon High Temperature Circulator LHCB-100 Series is used in research institutes, universities, hospitals, quality control department, biochemical assays, etc.

• LCD display with touch key panel for temperature setting.

• Microprocessor temperature controller.

• Over temperature alarm system.

• Easy maintenance.