Medical Class N Autoclave LMTA-303

Labocon Medical Class N Autoclave 300 Series is equipped with automatic sterilization, adjustable sterilization time, automatic water feeding and draining system. The inner chamber generates steam and ensures accurate temperature control with easy operations.
Capacity 18 L
Sterilization Temperature 121°C, 134°C
Sterilization Time 4 min - 20 min
Working Pressure 0.11- 0.21 MPa
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Tray 3
Water Tank Internal Stainless Steel water tank
Chamber Dimension (DiaxDepth) 250x350 mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H) 660x445x390 mm
Power 1700 W
Power Supply 220 V, 60Hz
Weight 44/52 kg
Catalog No. 9522120582
Labocon Medical Class N Autoclave is used to sterilize solid non-wrapped medical equipment such as hypodermic needles, forceps, needle holders, scalpel etc., and medical waste in hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

• LED display

• Filtered water can also be used

• Adjustable sterilization time

• High density bacteria filter

• Printer: Thermal/Stylus

• Interface: RS232

• Safety features: Over heat control, over pressure control, safety door locking system, low water level indicator

• ISO & CE 1366 Certified

• Electrical lock