Mini Centrifuge LMC-101

Labocon Mini Centrifuge LMC-100 Series is compact, easy-to-operate table top centrifuge used for a wide range of molecular biology separations and quick spins. Its variable speed allows you to set your desired parameters and those can be adjusted during operation.
Max. Speed (RPM) 7000
Max. RCF ( x g) 2000
Max. Capacity 6*1.5 ml
Speed Accuracy ±30 rpm
Speed Control /
Set Speed (increments) /
Timer range /
Set Time /
Control System Microprocessor
Program Memory /
Display /
Motor (DC/ Brushless) Brushless DC Motor
Acceleration/ Deacceleration Rate /
Noise Level ≤ 45dB
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Power Consumption 15 W
Gross Weight About 1 kg
Net Weight About 1 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) Exterior 130*150*130 mm
Packing Dimensions (W x D x H) 190*190*150 mm

Labocon Mini Centrifuge is widely used for applications in PCR, micro-volume protocols like nucleic acid or protein lysate preparation, separation of biological products or blood samples in biotechnology, biochemistry, blood bank, pharmaceuticals, food and environmental protection.

• It is equipped with a maintenance free brushless motor.

• Quick acceleration and deceleration reduces the processing time.

• Works with the lowest sound.

• It is known for its durability and reliability.