Muffle furnace LMF-1200 5A

Labocon LMF-1200 Series Muffle Furnace is designed for heavy duty operation. Its unique mechanical design ensures long life of the furnace. It provides minimum heat loss and optimized insulation. Chamber is heated by electric resistance heaters. The built-in fan system allows the abrasive gases come out of the furnace through a chimney.

Amperage (Imax) 9.1 A
Temp. Accuracy ±1°C
Thermal Rate 3°C/min-20°C/min
Working Temperature 1175°C
Maximum Temperature 1200°C
Inner Dimension 150x150x230 mm
Dimension 480x640x640 mm
Catalog No. 9421127481
Power Supply 220V / 50Hz
Maximum Power 2000 W
Gross Weight 62 kg
Net Weight 58 kg
Capacity 5.2 L
Program Memories 2
Heating Program Direct/ two step

It covers an extensive variety of applications including quality control, ashing, heat treatment, preheating, melting, metallurgical research, sample production and many more.

• Electrical resistance heaters are protected against abrasive gases by quartz tubes

• PID controller

• The control unit is placed above the furnace body which makes the controlling easy

• 4 line wide display and user friendly menu

• Direct or two step heating program

• Date and time adjustments available

•Two memories to store two different programs as per the user’s needs

• Audio warnings as the steps change and at the end of the heating program

• Timer indicates total heating time

• Microprocessor automatically cuts power to the heating elements and alerts if the control unit/ control card is overheated or if the furnace is heated above the maximum heating temperature