Particle Counter LPCA-101

Labocon Particle Counter LPCA-100 Series is used for counting individual particles. Particles flow through a short, narrow channel while the resistance of the channel is measured. Particles block parts of the channel, as a result resistance increases while cell is still in the channel.

Size Range 1-256 μm
Counter Channels 2048x4
Overall Dimension 600x380x450 mm
Power Consumption 60 W
Power Supply 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Catalog No. 9521135123

Labocon Particle Counter LPCA-100 Series was originally developed to count blood cells but now it is particularly suitable to measure well proportioned and narrow distributed samples such as abrasive grits, copy powders, particles in river water etc.

Model No. Name Catalog No.
LP-01 Power Cables 9521130123


• Statistic of particles amount, volume differential percentage and accumulated is obtained.

• Volume diameter D50, D10. D90, diameter of peak value, average diameter calculated by counting the amount of particles, standard deviation, variation coefficient customized value.

• Calculates volume specific surface area and weight specific surface area (customized value of D10, D90).

• Particle number distribution curve, volume distribution curve, displays the particle pulse wave.

• Mixing speed is automatically controlled.

• Automatic switch pinhole current and matched resistance function.