Particle Image Processor LPIP-101

Labocon Particle Image Processor LPIP-100 Series is based on a method where particles are dispersed on a microscopic slide and their images are captured using a CCD camera. It is the integration of the traditional microscopy and advanced image processing technology. The resultant images are analyzed automatically using computer software.

Size Range 0.5-3000 µm
Maximum Optical Resolution 1600
Maximum Resolution 2048x1536
Accuracy and Reproducibility ≤±3%
Optical Temperature 10ᵒC to 30ᵒC
Optical Humidity <85%
Power Supply 220-240V, 50-60Hz
Catalog No. 9521136123

Labocon Particle Image Processor LPIP-100 Series is suitable for the measurement of particles which are not transparent and can be dispersed in liquid.

Model No. Name Catalog No.
LP-01 Optical Microscope 9521137123
LCC-01 CCD Camera 9521138123

• Automatic focusing and scanning.

• Particle size distribution on the basis of Volume distribution, Area distribution, number distribution.

• Output includes: particle size distribution table and graph, roundness distribution table and graph, average diameter, median diameter, boundary diameter, average roundness, SSA, roundness range, typical particle images.

• USB2.0 computer port for progress scan CMOS camera with Image Analysis software.