See Saw Rockers LSSR-101

Labocon See Saw Rockers LSSR-100 Seriesutilizes a see saw or wave action, where the platform rocks on a central point. With smaller footprint, but high driving force, more platforms can be added by stacking two more platforms to accommodate more samples.These rockers are suitable for mixing various flat bottles, such as culture flasks, Petri dishes etc.

Temp. Range 5-40°C
Shaking Motion See Saw
Shaking Speed Range 0-80 rpm
Humidity 80 %RH
Tilt Angle
Timer Range None
Operation Continuous
Display Analog
Max. Load Capacity 3 kg
Overall Dimension 330x270x130 mm
Power 20 W
Power Supply 240V, 60Hz
Weight 3.2 kg
Catalog No. 9173152163

Labocon See Saw Rockers is suitable for rocking and mixing applications like gel staining and de-staining, hybridization experiments, immune precipitation and western blots, etc.




Universal attachment with 3 horizontal bars (Universal Platform)


Universal attachment with 3 vertical bars (Universal Platform)


Tissue Culture Flask platform, with anti-slip surface (Flat Platform)


Fixing Clip Platform (Flat Platform)


25ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


50ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


100ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


200/250ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


500ml Fixing Clip (Flask Clamps)


• Compact space-saving design fits easily in incubator and refrigerator

• Smooth see-saw rocking motion

• Adjustable speed control provides gentle to vigorous agitation

• Continuous operation

• Aluminium-alloyed platform provides strong bearing capability

• Universal platform with anti-slip mat prevents slipping