Ultra Pure Water Purification System Model Ultrapure-94ROUV

Output of Pure Water 2:RO water, Ultrapure Water
Output (25°C) 94 L/hr
Ultra pure Water Resistivity 18.2 MΩ-cm
RO Water Quality TDS (Total dissolved solid) of RO water(ppm)
Flow Procedure PF+AC+RO+UV+AC+DI+T
TOC <10ppb (UV model)
Endotoxin <0.001 Eu/ml (UF model)
Bacteria <1 CFU/ml
Particle (>0.1μm) <1/ml
Heavy Metal Ion <0.1 ppb
Dimension 110×65×47 cm
Power Supply 110-220V 50/60 Hz
Weight 70 Kg
Catalog No. 461142248

Micro organic analysis, Environmental analysis, HPLC,TOC, VOC,GC/MS, Pharmacy research, Medicine examining

• 3 road on-line water quality monitoring: monitor the inlet, RO & Ultra pure water´s quality timely

• Pipeline with NSF authorization to assure high quality ultrapure water

• Double wavelength (185&254 nm) UV cartridge, to achieve effective sterilization & reduce TOC index

• Ultrafiltration cartridge-to eliminate endotoxin. Suitable for Cell cultivating and IVF

• Automatic microcomputer controlling, multi-menu operating, animation mode display

• Super-large LCD display

• Unique design of consumables

• High-strength stainless steel shell

• New easy-inserting adaptor to make convenience of cartridge maintenance

• Different tanks to meet every need

• Ultra pure polishing resin cartridge with polishing resin

• 0.2µm PES terminal filter, to assure the quality is absolutely axenic

• Automatic fault detection- automatic diagnosis

• Water quality over standard alarm

• No water alarm

• Consumables end alarm function

• Consumables residual life indicator