Ultrasonic Homogenizer LUH-107

Labocon Ultrasonic Homogenizer LUH-100 Series is designed to offer precise system for ultrasonic disruption, homogenization, emulsification and degasing of samples.

Its unique features allows the maximum in choice and control to best support your processing needs.

Capacity 50-1200 ml
Frequency 19.5-20.5 KHz
Probe Diameter 1/4 inch
Optional Probe(ɸ mm) 6,8,10,12,15,20,25
Ultrasonic Power 1500 W
Overall Dimension 400x280x220 mm
Weight (Net/Gross) 25/26 kg
Catalog No. 9152101465

Labocon Ultrasonic Homogenizer LUH-100 Series is ideal to handle a variety of applications including disruption of bacteria, yeast and tissue cells for the extraction of protein, DNA, RNA, and cellular components, emulsification of immiscible liquids, homogenization, uniform dispersion of particles in liquids, acceleration of reactions, depolymerisation of large molecules and degassing of liquids.

Large LCD screen clearly displays all operating parameters and options: Temperature, time, output power etc.

Integrated Temperature Controller

Equipped with temperature monitor to protect sample from overheating

Automatic frequency tracking

Automatic Fault alarm informs about the internal errors

Data storage memory of up to 50 programs