UV Transilluminator LUT-102A

Labocon UV Transilluminator LUT-100 Series are available with diverse filter types and sizes that cover all daily experiment requirements. Its application range extends from documentation of UV fluorescent samples to that of visible colored samples. Our modern UV transilluminators include a specially designed safety UV leakage indicator that changes color when UV light is detected.

Tubes 6x8 W
Wavelength 312 (254, 365 optional)
Filter Screen Dimension (LxW) 210x260 mm
Wavelength Type Single
Power Supply 230V, 60Hz
Catalog No. 9152103121

Labocon UV-Transilluminator LUT-100 Series are used in molecular biology labs to view DNA (or RNA) migration on the agarose gel. It comes handy for applications like sizing of a PCR product, purifying DNA segment after a restriction enzyme digest, quantifying DNA or verifying RNA integrity after extraction.

•Electronic ballast for flicker-free dimming of fluorescent lamps

•Reduced electrical consumption

•Large filter screen with unlimited filter life expectancy

•High performance UV tubes with non-visibility and improved contrast

•System equipped with UV safety screen, UV intensity control and Air cooling system

•Standard Filter

•Optional: Zero Background Filter available